Best Steps for New House Plan Design

How to create new house plan design can be done by following these steps can be done alone or with the help of architect. Create your own design was limited to determining the shape and models. For the structure of the house should consult with someone civil engineering experts who understand about the structure building so we get a house that is both strong and beautiful.The sequence in creating a minimalist home design in general:

Make the data of land that contains the shape, size and map the situation of land to be built minimalist home.Make the necessary data needs of the room and will be poured into the house plans, the desire for this type of room there should also refer to the size of the land if not hope to build a terraced minimalist home so that each room can get a decent place in the sketch.Creation of a minimalist home design can be started from the new house plan design or home seem whichever is more convenient, graffiti and shading needed here for expressing ideas and best design ideas, home images can be created manually or with the aid of computer software such as Autocad, 3D Max, Sketch Up and various other architectural software options.

Once the drawing is made, it can be done the next process is to make a picture with the size and detail of the implementation structures.The design process continued with the use of materials or manufacturespecification work plans and requirements and perform calculations budget plan minimalist home.At this point minimalist design making has been completed so that the resulting product in the form of working drawings, work plans and terms, the budget plan of the building and other documents necessary to conduct construction work contract with the contractor when construction was entrusted to the contractor.

Traits of minimalist home design
So that we create a design that could be categorized as a minimalist model it is necessary to adjust the various characteristics that exist and whether the design concept would be made simple, fancy or modern. The following are some typical minimalist homeForms are simple and clean.The lines in the plane of the wall.Model the form of plain glass windows without insulation in the middle.Ornaments walls seem more prominent than the roof.For this type of modern minimalist house can use aluminum wall so impressed with the times.

The use of natural stone that has a characteristic minimalist textures.Avoid the use of forms that seem excessive to destroy the concept of home design minimalist expected.Adjust the shape of the house with a personal or family wishes because basically every person is unique and has individual criteria in judging the beauty of a home.Various innovation and creativity can be done in an effort to practice how to create a new house plan design for minimalist home design so that it can obtain a beautiful building and the most important is in accordance with the expectations of the family.
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